About Us - View of the Ocean

BAOBAB Travel is a Responsible Travel specialist tour operator, based in Cape Town South Africa. Established in 2002 out of a combination of a love of Africa and travel, and a desire to actively work with and support local communities in the Developing World. We endeavour to take you to places that represent the very essence of Africa, to provide you with experiences that will remain embedded in your memories for life and to demonstrate how responsible travel results in more fulfilling and enjoyable holidays.

Our holidays are designed to show you the real places, nature and culture in Africa avoiding resorts that have been `manufactured’ for tourists. We introduce you to local people, their cultures and traditions, and combine places that are `off the beaten track’ with more famous `must-see’ destinations. The result is a travel experience that is unique, varied, exhilarating, relaxing and fulfilling, leaving you with a clear conscience.


KnowledgeWe really think about the way we travel, and how it relates to the way we live.

We believe in embracing simple and beautiful pleasures, and we look at ways in which we can fill our lives with more authenticity and less meaningless experiences and possessions. This translates into the way we run our business, the products that we select to sell, and the holidays we arrange. READ MORE




AssistanceOur carefully curated collection of bespoke holidays encourage visitors to slow down, see more, and get to know the destinations that they visit.

We provide a flexible travel service and tailor-make every itinerary to suit the needs of each individual client or group. We endeavour to visit all the destinations and lodges in our portfolio, so we can talk from personal experience and give you our view on the suitability of e.g. a lodge for a honeymoon or a family holiday. READ MORE





If managed appropriately, we believe that tourism has an enormous capacity to bring benefits to the destinations that we sell, by bringing much needed economic growth and supporting development and conservation efforts.

We have a detailed Responsible Travel Policy that outlines the codes of conduct to which we are committed to operate. This policy ensures that we offer a form of sustainable tourism that benefits host communities economically and is sensitive to indigenous cultures and the environment. READ MORE