• Chole Mjini Mafia Island
  • Chole Mjini Mafia Island

Chole Mjini

CHOLE ISLAND, MAFIA ARCHIPELAGO – Chole Mjini offers accommodation in unique treehouses, set in attractive tropical gardens with ancient Persian ruins overlooking Chole’s beach. Each treehouse is designed individually and built using local materials and craftsmanship. Some are built around baobab trees, others set in the mangroves or on the beach. Each treehouse has a private garden with dry-composting toilet and hot water shower at ground level. Meals are served in a charming open-sided building, also housing a lounge area and upstairs bar with sweeping views across Chole Bay. The accent is on traditional local dishes of fresh seafood, fruit & vegetables, but also more international recipes adapted to local ingredients and zesty spices.





Chole Island, Mafia Archipelago


Shower. Laundry room.


Village tours. Self guided walks.

"The trip of a lifetime - Best of Malawi"

- John Christie

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