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Olakira Camp

SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK – Olakira Camp is an exclusive, seasonal camp moving between various locations in the Serengeti following the Great Migration of wildebeest & zebras. The camp is in Ndutu/Moru area from December to March, a magical period when many migrating animals give birth. It moves to the northern Serengeti (Mara/Bologonja) for the months of June to December, where you can witness the famous Mara River zebra & wildebeest crossing. ‘Olakira’ means ‘star’ in Maasai and the mobile nature of the camp allows it to move to the densest concentrations of wildlife.

The luxury tents have king-size beds, en-suite bathrooms, private verandas with a couch. Bathrooms are very comfortable for a mobile camp, having a shower, wash basin and an environmentally friendly toilet, using water and environmentally friendly chemicals. All tents have bottled water, generator & solar back for lighting, camp information folder, whistle (in case of emergency), torch, mosquito repellent, and insect spray. There is also a communal dining and lounge area.





Serengeti National Park


Shower. Laundry room.


Game drives.

"You realize how precious natural material and reserves are and you start to be careful not to waste. I hope very much that my stay benefits local people - Mafia Island, Tanzania"

- Sunna Altnoder

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