Thank You Madiba


“Thank you Madiba” is what I like to say, but these are the most inadequate words to show my gratitude to one of the most extraordinarily humble, forgiving, compassionate, and loving human beings I have known in my lifetime. He relentlessly fought for the freedom of millions from the Apartheid system in South Africa, lost […]

A Portrait of the Ju/’hoansi San People

San People Namibia traditional healing dance

Visiting the Ju/’hoansi San people (or Bushmen as they used to, rather derogatively, be referred to) in the //Nhoq’ma village in the far northeastern corner of Namibia, was one of the most genuine cultural experiences I have ever encountered. San people, descendants of the first indigenous people of southern Africa, are now one of the smallest […]

Killer Whales (Orcas) in False Bay


Last week, a pod of about 9 Killer whales (Orcas) were spotted just of the coast of Simon’s Town near Cape Town. Orcas are the largest dolphins and incredibly powerful predators. They hunt in pods (family groups), who often develop their own techniques that are passed on to the next generation. They have a varied […]

The Great White Shark in the Spotlight

great white

At a presentation in the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, marine biologists from the Dyer Island Conservation Trust in Gansbaai, painted a bleak picture of the state of the global Great white shark population. In the Gansbaai area, they identified 532 individuals over a five year period and when these numbers are extrapolated to […]

Cape Peninsula Baboons on Death Row

Baboon in Cape Point National Park

At the start of August this year, a new management strategy was started that will hopefully safe many of the Cape Peninsula baboons from being euthanised. Past baboon management came under heavy scrutiny by the Kenya-based, American expert on primates, Professor Shirley Strum. She made the controversial statement that “Cape Peninsula baboons had become uncontrollable, because of the extreme […]

The Reality of Rhino Poaching

rhino poaching

Early in 2010 the last Java Rhino was shot in Vietnam bringing about the extinction of the species. This came at a time, when Rhino poaching across southern Africa was experiencing a rapid increase, as we have previously reported on this blog. Even in the UK, zoo keepers and safari park managers have been placed on alert for poachers and antique […]