South Africa’s Best Cycle Routes


Most people know that the weather in South Africa lends itself towards outdoor activities, but what some people might not know, is that for certain activities, Winter is just as good as Summer ~ and is sometimes even better. Cycling is one of those activities and it’s also one of our favourite ways to see […]

Meet the Oudtshoorn Meerkat Mob


Just outside the town of Oudtshoorn you can have one of the most unusual and relaxed safari experiences I have ever encountered. The normal start before sunrise with a quick coffee, but instead of getting into a safari vehicle, you walk across the Klein Karoo landscape prepared with a camping chair! A short distance along, you set up camp […]

It’s grey and wallowing in the Indian Ocean

Elephant at Nuarro 1

At Nuarro Lodge on the coast of Mozambique at Baixo Do Pinda, you expect to find whales(from June to November) and dolphins (all year round) frolicking in the bay. Last week however they had the most amazing sighting, when an elephant was playing, washing, and wallowing in the bay right in front of the lodge! They are not sure where […]

Southern Right Whales – The Great Comeback

Southern-Right Whale

  Figures recently released from the University of Cape Town (UCT) have revealed that 2011 was yet another fantastic year for the Southern Right Whales that visit the country each winter. It appears that the population continues to increase at a rate of about 6.8% a year, very close to the biological maximum, with mature […]

West Coast Flower Extravaganza


As the mild Cape winter comes to a close in August-September, pockets of spring flowers start to emerge alongside roadside verges. If you have planned your trip to arrive in the city at this time, you have a chance of seeing the brilliant purples, yellows, and reds of the hardy daisy species that start to […]

A Portrait of the Ju/’hoansi San People

San People Namibia traditional healing dance

Visiting the Ju/’hoansi San people (or Bushmen as they used to, rather derogatively, be referred to) in the //Nhoq’ma village in the far northeastern corner of Namibia, was one of the most genuine cultural experiences I have ever encountered. San people, descendants of the first indigenous people of southern Africa, are now one of the smallest […]