Fabricnation – Handmade in South Africa

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If you’re looking for a souvenir that is useful and won’t be a dust-collector, we recommend taking home some beautiful textiles. Established in 2007 by Jane Soloman and Jann Cheifitz, Fabricnation is one of our favourite, authentically South African produced fabric collections. The intricate designs are typically one colour prints which showcase well-known South African artefacts, imagery, landscape, nature, design elements and iconic brands. There is an African sensibility about the designs that goes beyond the traditional geometric prints that people usually associate with African textile design. Instead, the designs have been translated into a modern, urban, easy-to-use product, using colours that range from vibrant and strong to subtle and muted. For us, they represent a new era of South African textile design.


Alongside running Fabricnation, Jane works as a skills trainer and facilitator and passes on her knowledge to rural and urban crafters, offering them a creative outlet that can serve as a means of empowerment and upliftment. She is also involved in HIV programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa, and her designs reflect her love and passion for Africa. Jann has relocated to New York but still designs for Fabricnation.


Fabricnation textiles can be used for home-wear or for apparel and, depending on the quantity, are easy to pack flat as part of your luggage allowance.

You can contact them directly for orders via their website


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