Killer Whales (Orcas) in False Bay


Last week, a pod of about 9 Killer whales (Orcas) were spotted just of the coast of Simon’s Town near Cape Town. Orcas are the largest dolphins and incredibly powerful predators. They hunt in pods (family groups), who often develop their own techniques that are passed on to the next generation.

They have a varied diet that ranges from fish, squid, to seabirds, and even seals and dolphins. Resident pods tend to prefer fish, whereas visiting Orcas seem to prey more often on marine mammals.
These guys were seen hunting dolphins and killing one, most likely a teaching exercise for this calf.
Killer whales have been seen in False Bay before, but unfortunately they are not regular visitors. Often they only stay for a few weeks, before moving back into the Atlantic Ocean.
This is a relatively small family group, as pods of up to 40 individuals are known, and this one includes 2 males, which has not been seen before in False Bay.
Dave Hurwitz from the Simon’s Town Boat Company was so fortunate to spot these incredible animals first and took these awesome pictures of this rare sighting in False Bay.

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