Meet the Oudtshoorn Meerkat Mob


Just outside the town of Oudtshoorn you can have one of the most unusual and relaxed safari experiences I have ever encountered. The normal start before sunrise with a quick coffee, but instead of getting into a safari vehicle, you walk across the Klein Karoo landscape prepared with a camping chair! A short distance along, you set up camp to meet the Oudtshoorn Meerkat Mob and join them in their morning rituals.Group grooming

The Meerkat (or Suricate) is normally considered to be one of the Shy Five, but this gang has been semi-habituated to the presence of people by Meerkat Magic guides. The Shy Five are the meerkat, aardvark, porcupine, aardwolf and bat-eared fox. All are nocturnal except for the meerkat and all are notoriously difficult to spot in the wild. This family is 18 strong and one-by-one appeared from their overnight burrow, to warm up in the early morning sun before setting off for another day of foraging.

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